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Simply the most powerful and valuable guide for men in the Dating arena

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Virtual Wingman LEAGUE

Simply the most powerful and valuable guide for men in the dating arena

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Ultimate 20-Day Challenge

Sure... It may start off easy, but it's the build that becomes challenging!

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Gain True Confidence

Stop the "What If" excuse's and replace with "Why Not". Make the best of any situation.

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The Virtual Wingman APP

No long articles to read through, No trainings. Simply a guide designed to help you succeed in meeting and seducing women. Just like having a good wingman to your side telling you what to say and do!

  • Seduction Framework
  • Mission Possible
  • 20-Day Challenge
  • Virtual Wingman LEAGUE
  • Wingman Test

Ultimate Seduction Guide

Before you start approaching women, before you start your path towards seduction, you have to begin by working on yourself. You have to transform yourself into an appealing person so that you have the confidence to approach anyone you want and the ability to keep them around.



The mindset you have in any situation will determine the outcome of the approach and of the relationship.


Body Language

55% of communication is body language, 38% is tonality, & only 7 % are the words that come out of your mouth.


Ice Breakers

Come near little grass-hopper, we’ll teach you some lines that will surely make you successful as an ice breaker-er.


Conversation Topics

We have many questions for singles/couples that'll be perfect for getting a great conversation going.


Passing her Tests

Have you ever heard anybody saying that women test men in order to figure out if he is a potential fit?


Backhanded Compliments

The best ones require the perfect combo of wit, sincerity, and disdain to create a masterpiece of bittersweet praise.


Tips on Seduction

Listen closely gentlemen, getting a "no" from a girl can be frustrating. But no doesn't always mean she's rejecting you.


20-Day Challenge

The 20-day challenge was created to get the individual outside of their comfort zone. That's when true success happens.

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